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  • GTA San Andreas radar Triads.pngYay Ka-Boom-Boom
  • Vehicle: Train. If you go to a station and wait around, they usually arrive quickly. Jack it like you would any other vehicle.

Deliver cargo to each of the stations along the Brown Streak Railroad line, making a circuit of San Andreas. Be on time, but take care not to go so fast as to derail the train. When approaching a station, stop the locomotive in the red beacon.

The five stations are:

  • Cranberry Station in Doherty, San Fierro
  • Market Station in Market, Los Santos
  • Unity Station in El Corona, Los Santos
  • Linden Station, outside Las Venturas
  • Yellow Bell Station in Prickle Pine, Las Venturas

One circuit of completed deliveries is level one and the second circuit is level two. The two circuits do not need to be made consecutively.


This is a test of how well you can press two buttons. Keep your speed below 45 near the sharp turns found in Angel Pines and Las Venturas so that the train won't derail. At 47 the controller (if applicable) starts to shake; this is your cue to let off of the accelerator!

Employ full braking around 400 distance from the stations when traveling at 45. Although the timing will be close in a couple of places, a general "slow-down" strategy is to use the brakes to keep the speed slightly less than 10% of the distance. So at 400 feet, go 40, 300 feet go 30, 200 feet go 20, etc. Works very nicely, and is self-correcting. At the end, stay at 5 mph until you're within 10 feet, then stop within 5 feet short of the mark. (Going over means you have to back up.)

If after level one you want to keep at the mission you have to hit the mission-start button (R3 button/+ or analogue) again.


  • Minor cash rewards on the order of $150-$300 for each successful delivery. You can also get a time bonus.
  • $50,000 after completing both levels.