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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngDeconstruction
  • Bronze medals in each of the Driving School tests.
  • Legal entry into Las Venturas (i.e., GTA San Andreas radar Triads.pngYay Ka-Boom-Boom)
  • Location: LVA Freight Depot, south of the airport. If you don't see the marker or the checkered flag icon on the map, it's not time yet.

You will get a phone call telling you about the tournaments when you are able to race them.

Select the race you want to compete in using the controls indicated on your screen (they will vary by platform).

Like all the races in San Andreas, hit the checkpoints and arrive at the finish line ahead of your competitors. These are "illegal" races, meaning you may have to deal with civilian traffic as well as your fellow racers.


There are four races in total.

Race #1[edit]

  • Name: SF to LV (San Fierro to Las Venturas)
  • Vehicle: Banshee
  • Distance: 4.85 Miles
  • Description: This mission starts off in San Fierro and heads back to Las Venturas, so there will be a bit of city driving, and a great deal of country/desert driving, though the race goes along the land border so you'll actually be avoiding the desert for the most part. Once you get to the Blackfield intersection turn north toward the Airport. Anyway it's just a straight course once it gets out there so you've got one enemy, the traffic of Julius Thruway West.

Race #2[edit]

  • Name: Dam Rider
  • Vehicle: NRG-500
  • Distance: 2.67 Miles
  • Description: Back to the motorcycle races once again this one is actually quite fun, there are a few turns where you can just jump forward so much it's almost unfair. At about three points during this course you will be coming up to a check point and after that a V shaped turn, well you can simply drop over the edge and hit the marker on the other side of the "V" while doing a 180 degree drift turn, it works wonders especially at the turn near the end right before the final crossing of the dam.

Race #3[edit]

  • Name: Desert Tricks
  • Vehicle: FCR-900
  • Distance: 2.91 Miles
  • Description: Take away the shortcuts from the previous race and add little sharp corners that constantly throw you from your bike and you have this race. While indeed more difficult than the last it's not the difference between night and day, the main things you need to watch out for are slowing down on some of the more sharp corners and near the end of the race after you cross the dam. You don't actually continue on the road but rather down a little dirt path on your left that leads to the finish line at Las Brujas.

Race #4[edit]

  • Name: Las Venturas Ringroad
  • Vehicle: Turismo
  • Distance: 3.7 Miles
  • Description: The easiest race yet. You just race around Julius Thruway counter-clockwise, starting at the end of the Blackfield intersection. The main problem is that the traffic that spawns in front of you, has the tendency to cut in front you causing you to crash. Some minor problems are the median which is like crashing into a wall and the turns at the Plison and Blackfield intersections.


Each race carries a $10,000 prize for first place.

When you win the last race of all four tournaments (whichever it is), you get a $ 1 000 000 prize.

First place in each race earns progress towards 100% Completion.