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The rest of the crew rolls out, and you have to get from the Four Dragons to the Mafia Casino (Caligula's). You're disguised as a dealer, and are given ten gas grenades. Once you enter Caligula's, you have four minutes to do the first series of steps to get the crew inside. You first have to go and use Millie's key card to get in the staff entrance, and then head to the generator room one floor below. Toss a gaz-grenade (it might take two) into the open grate at the back. After the cutscene, follow Zero's instructions to go to the next security door. As you head there, Zero blows the charges you placed at the dam, and you need to put on your night vision goggles. Now, head to the service bay, get the forklift and open the gate.

This starts the second phase of the mission. You have seven minutes to get the loot and get out. Move through the halls with the crew and take out the guards. When you get to the vault, Zero tells you that someone is trying to bring up the emergency generators. Grab the satchel charge and head back up to the generator room. Take out a couple of guards there, place the satchels, and blow up the generators. Run back downstairs to the vault, where the crew is just blowing the door. As everyone runs in to get the cash, Zero says there are more mafia members coming to get you, and it appears that Zero's old nemesis Berkley is working for the Mafia.

Kill the Mafia members in the vault antechamber. After a couple of waves, lead the team back to the truck, killing the guards on the way. Remember to keep moving as time is short.

The crew gets into the truck/cop bikes and head out. You have to go the service elevator to act as a decoy. Follow Zero's instructions as the lights come back on, and look out for guards popping out. There is no time limit now, so you can be a little more careful. Head to the elevator, and then up the stairs to the roof. Now you have to move from rooftop to rooftop and get the parachute. Jump off from a high point and try to parachute over to the police chopper to use it to escape. If you don't make it, you have to go to the safe house at Verdant Meadows instead. You'll probably have three wanted stars by now, so get a vehicle and get out of there.


  • Great mission for headshots with the assault rifle, as you put the guards down quickly. The minigun works well here, too.
  • If you can, take out the police chopper on the roof instead of trying to avoid the shots.
  • If you don't make it to the chopper and have to drive to Verdant Meadows, stop at the Pay 'N' Spray to the north west of Caligula's so you can go over unmolested.
  • Once you get to the roof top, if you run to the parachute fast enough without shooting the SWAT guys, you could land on the street with no wanted level at all. The chopper will still be chasing you but that is not too much hassle.


  • Cash : $100,000
  • Clothing : Croupier Uniform