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Back to Paulo and Ken at Caligula's for another mission, this time it's a return visit to Johnny at the Meat Factory in an attempt to boost Ken Rosenberg's status and confidence. Once there Ken gets nervous and asks CJ for support, when Johnny appears and sees CJ he keels over, prompting another shootout.

After a slow-motion cutscene it's time to wipe out the mobsters. Your primary concern is to protect "Rosie" (Ken) at all costs, there's a lot of shooting to be done here and methodically picking off all the mobsters room-by-room seems to be the way to go. There is mention of switches in the text instructions on screen but I didn't manage to activate anything.

Ken will go and hide in the freezer at one point, if he gets locked in then be sure to get him quick as his health drains rapidly.

Once all the "Witnesses" are dealt with, leave the building and drive Ken back to the Casino to end the mission.


Most of the Mobsters appear to be armed with SMG's so that's a good weapon to stock up on (and get practice in with) before starting the mission.


  • Cash: $8,000
  • Respect +