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  • Location: Roboi's Food Mart in Los Santos. This is due west of City Hall in Commerce.

Get on the BMX bike to start the mission. You are given a set of packages and a set of targets to "deliver" them to. Each target is a corona and you deliver the package the same way you would do a drive-by maneuver. With each level your time limit increases as does the distance between targets.

  • Level 1: three deliveries, six packages
  • Level 2: four deliveries, six packages
  • Level 3: five deliveries, seven packages
  • Level 4: six deliveries, eight packages.


You have some extra packages so you can miss a few shots without having to return to the Food Mart. Alternatively you can run over a thrown-and-missed package to pick it up and deliver it again. Be quick though, as they disappear after a short while.


Cash is rewarded based on time and leftover packages remaining after each level. Don't get off the bike or you'll end the challenge before completion!

After Level 4 the asset is unlocked, generating up to $2000 per day.