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Ducking And Blazing

This is a major mission that will require you to have the following:

  • High gun stats (AK, Shotgun or SMG)
  • Armor

After you're set, watch the cutscene and then head to the Jefferson Motel. Now, someone snitched about the meeting and the SWAT's landed. Sweet's stuck inside and you have to rescue him, run in and you'll notice that there's a vending machine that replinshes your health. Use it, if you need it. Anyway, just sweep through the hallways and clear the SWAT away. Simple enough until you meet Sweet. Then it's the helicopter battle. Blast away the four SWAT-men and then take down the helicopter. After this, the first person drive-by part. Do not worry about your car health, continue driving and shoot the cops off. Continue doing this until the AK jams. Then anything else is for viewing pleasures. Also notice that during missions that involve law enforcement chasing you,the police are not wearing body armor,even SWAT,this is made up for in heavier weaponry.


In this mission, you have a chance to explore San Andreas without any wanted level. E.g. you could visit the San Fierro Easter Basin Carrier Base to take the Patriot and the two oysters there without worrying about getting five stars.

To take advantage of this, you need to help Sweet take out the SWAT guys on the helicopter but leave the helicopter alone. Sneak out to the street level (while Sweet is handling the helicopter) and there you go! Note that there will be no traffic around so you cannot jack a car. However, there will be cars in the parking lot and aircraft in the airport if you need to get around.

When you are done exploring, go back to Sweet and continue the mission.


  • Respect: +15