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PlayStation 2,PC,Xbox

Berkeley and Zero have an RC showdown. Zero must get his RC Bandit to Berkeley's side. The car follows a path with obstacles on it and you with an RC chopper have to help the car through. There's 3 types of obstacles: barrels, tanks and bridges. To get rid of the barrels, hover down over the barrel and hit Circle button. Move off the path and hit Circle button to drop it. To get the car over bridges you have to go back to Zero's base and get some planks. Pick them up with Circle button and position yourself over a river crossing and hit Circle button again. Don't worry about being too accurate, they straighten themselves out. The other obstacle can be defeated by going back to Zero's base and picking up a bomb or picking up one of the barrels and dropping it on the tank. If the bandit is killed, don't worry, Zero gets 3. If your helicopter blows up, you too get 3.


The main trick to save time is never fly out of the base without carrying something (a plank or a bomb). On your first trip out, get the bomb and destroy one of the enemy tanks. On your way back, remove the barrel for Zero. The rest is pretty much up to you but just remember the main trick.

Another tip is that you don't have to get all the way back for the 2nd plank. You can just use the 1st one after Zero passes it.


  • Cash: $7,000
  • Zero's RC shop becomes an asset