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After the cutscenes, you find yourself in a helicopter with a minigun. The chopper will head out to a boat at sea, providing several targets which you can shoot. It seems regardless of what you do, an RPG eventually hits the chopper, and you end up in the water and lose all your weapons except for a knife. Head into the red marker to trigger the next cutscene. Make your way across the boat, over all the cargo containers, taking out the enemies as you go. Once you get to the yellow marker, another cutscene is triggered. Take out the remaining guards, then the guard marked by the red blip. After he's down, find the container at the green blip, and target and shoot the padlock to release them. After the next cutscene, come back out of the hold, and onto the bridge to face a couple more guards, and quick swordfight. After that, head back to the refugees to complete the mission.


  • If you're finding it too difficult without weapons, you can return to shore after the chopper is downed, and restock at Ammunation.
  • All three guys on top of the first set of crates can be taken out silently using the knife. This leaves you with more ammo for the level, and more health.
  • After the chopper is downed, you can't get a police wanted level. This is the perfect time to pick up those two oysters by the naval base.
  • If you don't want to fight with swords, quickly change to the gun.


  • Cash: $15,000
  • Respect: +30