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Pickups provide the player with items or other benefits. They are scattered around the map. In the game, they are represented by spinning icons. They aren't show on the 2D game map. When picked up, they will disappear for a time, but will eventually come back, except some pickups which are spawned on a specific mission. Some pickups appear in a mission, and stay re-appearing even after completing the mission.

The types of pickups in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas are:

  • Most pickups are useable Items
  • Police Bribes, represented by a Spinning Golden Star. Picking one up will reduce your Wanted Level by one.
  • Health, represented by a Spinning Red Heart. This replenishes your health to full 100% but they aren't usually around, but rather spawned on specific missions.
  • Horseshoes
  • Oysters