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Be prepared for lots of driving. First, you must drive out to see Cesar near the Panopticon, then you must take Cesar to Angel Pine. Once you arrive, get on the roof, and get ready, because if you miss a photo opportunity, you have to start the mission all over again. There are a total of four photographs to take, and you must get the person's face in shot:

  1. Ryder, who arrives in his Picador truck in the parking lot across the street.
  2. T-Bone Mendez, who arrives in a ZR-350 in the same location.
  3. Mike Toreno, who arrives in a brown Washington from the street to the right.
  4. Jizzy, who arrives in a Broadway from the left, stopping next to the Washington.

If you get all the photos, Cesar drops you off in a gas station just south of Angel Pine, and you complete the mission.


  • Respect: +15
  • Item: Camera