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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar OGLoc.pngManagement Issues
  • Location (part 1): GTA San Andreas radar OGLoc.pngBurger Shot car park, Marina, Los Santos
  • Location (part 2): GTA San Andreas radar OGLoc.pngOG Loc's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
  • Time (part 2): 20:00 - 06:00

This mission is a bit odd, in that it has two parts which can be done separately. You can even do another mission in between the two parts.

Part 1[edit]

After the cutscene, just head back to CJ's house and save there. You don't need a haircut or a new set of clothes.

Part 2[edit]

Head into the red marker at the appropriate time. Watch the cutscene and get ready for a shootout with the Ballas. The first wave is in front of you, just target, aim, shoot. It's simple. Then the second wave is on top of the bridge, once again, aim, shoot. Pick up the ammo if you really need it. The last wave comes from everywhere, take cover wherever you can and shoot the Ballas. Find armour if you really need it, or just find cover. If Sweet dies, mission failed, but don't worry too much about that. That's it for OG Loc!


  • Respect: +10