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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Ryder.pngHome Invasion
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Ryder.pngRyder's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
Throwin' Artillery

Drive to the ammo train. When arriving, you must kill all of the Vagos gang members attempting to rob the train. Once all the gang members are dead, a car of Ballas gang members will arrive. Pick up all the Micro-SMG ammo there is; you'll need it for the Ballas. Your GSF backup won't be of much use. After the Ballas are down, get onto the train. The train will begin moving and Ryder will follow behind in his car. You have start throwing crates of weapons to Ryder by pressing and holding the Fire button to increase the throw's power and then releasing the button to throw the crate. He randomly follows closer to you and further away from you. Eventually, the crates start exploding, but don't worry about this; it won't hurt Ryder or the car. After you've got all 10 crates (you have an infinite amount of crates, just throw everywhere if you're desperate), you have a 3-Star Wanted level, so just hop into the car and drive to the local Pay N Spray.


  • Respect: +7