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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Bank.pngDam and Blast
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Bank.pngFour Dragons Casino, Las Venturas

You have to steal four police motorcycles (specific ones not just any old one) and load them on a truck driving around the Las Venturas freeway within 12 minutes.

You will get a two-star wanted level during this mission, you can either live with the Police attention or look for bribes, time is tight and there isn't really time for Pay n Spray visits although if you are passing one and have plenty of time it wouldn't hurt to drop in.

Once you have your first bike, the truck is indicated by a blue blip on the radar, ride to the location (it circles the thruway clockwise) and ride it up the ramp Italian Job style.

After delivering each bike to the truck you will need to decide whether to ride with the truck to an exit off the freeway closer to the bike or immediately run off the truck and get a new vehicle. Personally I'd go with the new vehicle option as you can get going much faster but in some circumstances you may find yourself in easy reach of the next bike.

Once all four bikes are loaded on the truck there is a short cutscene before the mission ends and you are dropped at Whitewood Estates.


If you haven't started using the map menu and the map marker yet, learn how to do so now. Every turn should be pre-planned, as taking extra turns can cost a lot of time.

The bikes are always at specific locations and it is easier to tackle them in a clockwise direction as this follows the direction of the truck. The locations and the best order is given below:

  • Linden Station turn off on the freeway
  • The Hospital car park (the bike will ride away as soon as you arrive)
  • Outside the Police Station
  • Entrance to the V-Rock Motel (the bike will start chasing a group of bikers when you arrive)

Don't try to shoot police officers off the bikes - a bike will explode if hit once, failing the mission. It's best to disable officers by running over them with your vehicle, preferably before they can get to their bike.

You have 12 real-time minutes, which is 12 game hours, to collect all four bikes. So start the mission in the morning to ensure that plenty of cars will be on the freeway at all times. That way you don't lose much time waiting for a ride to the next bike.


  • Respect +