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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngHome Coming
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngMadd Dogg's Crib, Los Santos

This is a pretty easy mission. First, go to the destination marked with Mad Dogg. There is a BF Injection outside if you want to take it. Then you will be in a Vortex. Just follow OG Loc and forget about Madd Dogg. Eventually you'll get in a go-kart and the chase will continue until you end up at OG Loc's record company.


  • Don't try to drive-by Loc. You can't catch up to him and he is invincible.
  • For the PC version: If your frame rate is below nominal, you may find it nearly impossible to keep up with Loc. (A lower frame rate will slow down your own movement, but not Loc's.) To correct this problem, first drop the draw distance down to its lowest level, set the SFX level to LOW and turn the frame limiter OFF. If that still doesn't work, use the mouse to continually force the camera into a top-down view, which will improve your framerate. Use the radar to steer by, and "look up" only as often as is needed to dodge obstacles that do not show on the radar.
  • When you enter the car with Madd Dog type the code"LIYOAAY"; when you type the code, "cheat activated" is written on the upper-left side of the screen. The function of this code is to slow game play. After typing the code the game runs more slowly. When you reach the boat, run onto it. You can easily follow the Og Loc boat. A cut scene appears and Og Loc runs onto a small racing car; again, follow him, but do not shoot him. After completing the mission type the code "PPGWJHT" for faster game play.
  • You Can Also Type "SLOWITDOWN" instead of "LIYOAAY" And "SPEEDITUP" Instead of "PPGWJHT"


  • Respect +
  • Vortex hovercrafts will now spawn at random points in San Andreas.
  • A Go-Kart (Nick-named Kart) will now spawn in the back off Madd Dogg's Mansion.