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There are three types of trucking challenges. To complete the mission you will make eight deliveries.

  • Speed delivery: You simply have to deliver the cargo by a certain time. Your payment goes down if you are late.
  • Safety delivery: You are carrying fragile cargo and told to deliver it without damage. Your payment goes down if you bump into anything.
  • Illegal delivery: You are carrying illegal cargo and need to avoid the cops. As soon as you pull out you will have a wanted level. You get the full payment if you manage to make it to the end without getting busted or wasted, or having the truck destroyed.

Unlike some of the other vehicle missions, you don't immediately go to the next level after a delivery. You need to go back to RS Haul to start again. You are free to save or get a haircut or do whatever in between.

The deliveries occur in this order:

  • Level 1: Speed delivery to a random location
  • Level 2: Safety delivery to a random location
  • Level 3: Illegal delivery to a random location (usually South East Los Santos)
  • Level 4: Speed delivery to Angel Pine or Shady Creeks
  • Level 5: Safety delivery to someplace in San Fierro
  • Level 6: Illegal delivery to Whetstone or San Fierro
  • Level 7: Speed and safety delivery to Bone Country
  • Level 8: Illegal delivery (4 star wanted level!) to Las Venturas.

After Level 8 the deliveries vary.


There's a safe house in Dillimore that's pretty close to the mission starting point.

For the speed and safety deliveries there's not much need for tips. The time for speed deliveries is more than adequate. Use the map to plot out your course ahead of time.

Remember that trucks with long trailers make very wide turns! Watch your speed. If you jacknife the trailer will detach, and you will have to reattach as in the Tanker Commander mission. You only have 60 seconds to do it and it's even worse if the cops are bothering you at the same time.

For the illegal deliveries, it seems to help to start at night. Also, stay off the main roads if you can (unless you wan't to use the traffic, see below), sticking to backroads, dirt roads, railroads, and grass as long as it's flat enough. If you are lucky you will get a delivery of illegal goods that's not too far off the rail line.

The cops will try to drive up alongside you and hit the hitch, detaching the trailer. Speed up or slow down to make them miss. You can also force them off the road or off a bridge. Be careful with head-on collisions as they can jacknife the rig. If you're starting to loose control of the trailer remember to keep accelerating, doing so appears to lower the chances of having the trailer disconnecting, for example when a police car is trying to detach it or when you're off-road.

Don't stop with the cops around or they'll pull open the cab door and arrest you. You can get out of the rig for a limited amount of time and shoot it out with the cops. Just the staties, though; the FBI guys are hard to kill.

For the first illegal delivery (level 3) don't use the freeway tunnel in Verdant Bluffs that is under the hill on which the Observatory is sitting (a bit SW from the building itself) to reach the South-Eastern part of Los Santos. The tunnel has too low clearance and your truck has a very high chance of getting hopelessly stuck inside. Use some city streets further North instead.

For the last illegal delivery, the railroad trick won't work[1]. The tracks do enough damage to the truck that it will explode before you get to Las Venturas. You have to run the gauntlet. Generally other cars and static objects such as trees, road signs, telephone poles and such is your friend. Observe on which side a police car is trying to speed past you and force it or keep it on the path of a road sign or oncoming traffic. Usually the AI isn't too bright and will crash, giving you a short relief. Once you've reached Las Venturas and head along the Julius freeway this can be a potent strategy to deal with the hordes of police cars and SWAT vans.


There are different cash rewards for each level passed:

  • Level 1: $1000 for on-time delivery; less if you are late
  • Level 2: $1500 for undamaged cargo; less for each bump
  • Level 3: $2000
  • Level 4: $3000 for on-time delivery
  • Level 5: $4000 for undamaged cargo
  • Level 6: $5000
  • Level 7: $7000 for on-time, undamaged cargo
  • Level 8: $10,000

After Level 8 the asset is unlocked, yielding up to $2000 per day. You can still make deliveries afterwards, which will vary in distance, difficulty, and reward.


  1. On a patched PC version it appears that the truck won't take much or any at all damage from driving on the railroad. With the train traffic sharing the railroad it's a bit of gamble though.