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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngDeconstruction
  • Bronze medals in each of the GTA San Andreas radar School.pngDriving School tests.
  • Location: Find the checkered flag on the map in Little Mexico, Los Santos. If you can't see it on the map, it's not time yet. The marker is behind the building.

You will get a phone call telling you about the tournaments when you are able to race them.

Select the race you want to compete in using the controls indicated on your screen (they will vary by platform).

Like all the races in San Andreas, hit the checkpoints and arrive at the finish line ahead of your competitors. These are "illegal" street races, meaning you have to deal with civilian traffic as well as your fellow racers.


Each race has its own characteristics and tips.


  • Vehicle: Blade


City Hall west through Commerce and Verona Beach, north to Vinewood, south through Rodeo and ending on the Santa Maria pier.


Follow the tips as in High Stakes, Low-Rider. In fact, you will have won this race to have completed that mission. So you don't need to do the race here unless you want to better your time.

Little Loop[edit]

  • Vehicle: NRG-500


East Beach, north to Los Flores, west to Jefferson, south and east to East Los Santos, then along the S-curved road and back to the starting point.


The NRG is a powerful 'cycle so you have to worry about popping a wheelie when you don't want to and getting airborne when you're not straight. Lean forward to keep the front wheel down.

Backroad Wanderer[edit]

  • Vehicle: FCR-900
  • Radio Station: Radio X


The race starts in Richman, in the hills north of Los Santos, loops into Mulholland, and back again.


On the front stretch, be careful of traffic. Don't miss the exit ramp to go into the first hairprin curve. The curve is tight--luckily your competitors will have a tough time of it too.

If you don't enter the back stretch near the front of the pack you will have a hard time winning the race. Take care not to fall off the right side of the road here. And don't miss the big left turn at the bottom of the hill.

City Circuit[edit]

  • Vehicle: FCR-900


A simple oval, looping from Idlewood, through East Los Santos, north to Los Flores, west through Las Colinas, into Mulholland Intersection, south to downtown, and then back to the start. Except for the Las Colinas stretch the course is mostly freeway.


If you have decent motorcycle skills this course won't be too hard. It's longer than the previous races but wide open.


  • Vehicle: Sunrise
  • Radio Station: CSR


The race starts in central Los Santos, goes north along the boulevard to the west of the main expressway, into Mulholland, past Madd Dogg's crib, through Richman, south into Rodeo, east through Marina and Market, finally back to the start.


The vehicle here is part of the challenge; it's pretty slow to accelerate and the first turn is up the big hill near the Vinewood sign. Try to avoid collisions at the beginning and you should be okay at this point.

After Madd Dogg's there are a couple of airborne spots. Keep the vehicle straight and slow down a little. Also, stay to the right to avoid a utility pole. After that there is a bridge; you may get lucky and bounce into the right position ahead of your competitors. Or you might fall off the bridge at which point your race is all but over.

In Rodeo there are a couple of quick turns, some of which the AIs tend to miss. Memorize the course and you can move into the lead for good here. Avoid the wall on the next left turn and keep accelerating until the end.


  • Vehicle: Super GT


The race starts in Marina and moves east into Market, Commerce, Idlewood, Jefferson and Los Santos, around the "Watts Towers" and onto the east/west freeway going west. Still on the freeway, at downtown the race turns north and exits west at Mulholland Intersection. From there it's along the main boulevard through Temple and Vinewood, back down to Marina and ending at the starting point.


Again, the vehicle is part of the challenge. The Super GT is awful on turns. Try not to accelerate and turn at the same time.

Keep your cool on the first dogleg turn around the island. Many of your competitors will crash there. Another spot to make up ground is the left turn past the hospital. You will have a hard time winning the race if you're on the freeway and not in first place.

Into the Country[edit]

  • Vehicle: Bullet


The race starts at LSX and follows the freeway circling the island counterclockwise to the east, north into the country, and finally south at Montgomery intersection. From there it's almost a straight shot south through Los Santos and back to the airport.


After the last race you will enjoy driving the Bullet which handles well and is wicked fast. As long as you don't get off course or crash into one of the civilian vehicles you will have a pretty easy time with this race.

Badlands A[edit]

  • Vehicle: Sabre


The race starts near the Montgomery Intersection and moves along the south side of the island of Red County, around Blueberry and through (literally!) Blueberry Acres. From there it's along the north shore, winding uphill through the Panopticon, finishing at the top. The course is mostly dirt roads.


Follow the tips as in Wu Zi Mu. In fact, you will have won this race to have completed that mission. So you don't need to do the race here unless you want to better your time.

Badlands B[edit]

  • Vehicle: ZR-350


The reverse of the Badlands A course.


Follow the tips as in Farewell, My Love.... In fact, you will have won this race to have completed that mission. So you don't need to do the race here unless you want to better your time.


Each race carries a $10,000 prize for first place. Badlands A and B go together; you get $10,000 for finishing first in both.

When you win the last race of all four tournaments (whichever it is), you get a $1 000 000 prize.

First place in each race earns progress towards 100% Completion.