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If you have cheated and saved, you cannot get 100% completion. The game will ask if you are sure you want to save with cheats activated.

This guide will help you reach 100% completion, although, ironically, this doesn't necessarily mean you have completed everything the game has to offer.

Requirements for 100% completion[edit]

Things not required for 100% completion[edit]

  • Additional Burglary missions besides Home Invasion
  • Additional Lowrider competitions besides Cesar Vialpando
  • Yay Courier missions
  • 2-player missions (including rampages)
  • Pool tables
  • Basketball Challenges
  • Girlfriends
  • Dancing minigame
  • Triathlons
  • Beefy Baron mission
  • Buying all clothing
  • Gambling
  • Gang Wars
  • Unique Stunt Jumps
  • Flowers
  • All gold medals at all four school
  • Arcade games
  • Stats max'ed

Rewards for 100% completion[edit]

Gold Trophy unlocked.png
100 Gamerscore points
Earn 100% completion.
  • Infinite ammo
  • All vehicles you drive have 200% health
  • Hydra spawns on the roof of Sweet's house
  • Rhino spawns near the bridge in Grove Street
  • $1,000,000 are given.

Common problems[edit]

I'm stuck at 99.47% and I have no idea what I'm missing. Any hints?

Go through the above checklist and recheck every single thing against your stats. Make sure they match. Every item on the list will appear somewhere in your stats, with the following exceptions:

  • The 3 Chiliad Challenges
  • The Fighting Moves learned at the 3 gyms

Another thing that doesn't show up in your stats is whether you've completely sprayed all tags. There's a bug where you will not get percentage for a tag if you don't hear the noise after spraying it, even if the message pops up saying you did. The tag will be added to your stats if you get the message, but you must completely spray each tag (until you can't target it anymore) to get the percentage.

Go back and recheck these three things, or anything else that you can't find in your stats. DO NOT rely on your memory for these, because you may have forgotten to save, or you only think you actually did something. Actually check each item yourself, or redo a mission or challenge just to be sure. It'll save you lots of grief in the end if you do that.