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Bike school is in Blackfield, Las Venturas near the Dirt Bike stadium. It is very similar to driving school in format but is probably a lot easier as the tasks are much more common when driving bikes round the game normally.

The 360[edit]

Perform a 360 turn exactly as per the driving school task

The 180[edit]

Again identical to the driving school task.

The Wheelie[edit]

Accelerate and press the "down" key to perform the wheelie. Push down too far and the bike sparks against the ground and effort isn't counted, accelerate too slowly and the bike's front wheel will come down.

The Stoppie[edit]

Accelerate hard, press the "up" key and apply a sharp amount of brakes. The bike should now rear up onto its front wheel and continue gliding forward. Come to a stop in the cone box. Note that there is no point accelerating once the stoppie has started. Either you have enough speed to get you past the cones or you don't. If you pass the cones though it might be worth accelerating a little bit if you need to get inside the cone box.

Jump and Stop[edit]

Not too hard, simply jump off the ramp and come to a tidy stop without skidding or going too far into the box of cones.

Jump and Stoppie[edit]

This is a harder one and combines the two earlier tasks. Accelerate up the ramp and push the "up" button once you have left the ramp so the motorbike comes down at 45° angle. Too sharp and the bike will topple over, too shallow and the bike's rear wheel will come down: automatically failing the task. If done perfectly the bike should just glide into the cone box allowing to brake to a perfect stop.


  • 1: Bronze trophy Bronze: Freeway spawns at the bike school
  • 2: Silver trophy Silver: Freeway and PCJ-600/FCR-900 spawn at the bike school
  • 3: Gold trophy Gold: Freeway, PCJ-600/FCR-900 and NRG-500 spawn at the bike school

Note that the spawn can be a bit random on the PC version of the game and sometimes you don't find two or more bikes outside the bike school.