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This is not technically a mission, since it doesn't bring you any reward, but rather refers to the events which occur upon starting a new game, but prior to triggering the first real mission. In the beginning is the name used for the savegame slot if you manage to save the game during this period; interestingly, these are also the first three words of the bible.

CJ is thrown from a moving car into Front Yard Ballas territory, a close rival of Grove Street's. You start with very little to show for yourself, although contrary to the preceding dialogue, Tenpenny doesn't take all of your money, but, in fact, you start with $350. Since this is not really a mission, you have a choice as to what to do next.

There is nowhere you can currently save your game, but if you can scrape together at least $10,000 (the Burglar mission is probably the easiest way), you can buy one of the safehouses, and save there. Some people like to do this to create a useful save game, which they can use to max out their stats, or complete other tedious missions (particularly spraying all 100 Gang Tags), before even starting the first mission. This way, if they should decide to play the game again from the beginning, they won't have to endure all the tedium again.

Alternatively, if you pass the first real mission you get a free safehouse to save at. To start this mission, you need to get to your house, which is marked with a GTA San Andreas radar CJ.png icon:

  1. Either get on the BMX bike marked with a blue arrow, or if you prefer, you can use another vehicle instead. Either way, these directions assume you start from the location of the bike.
  2. Turn right out of the alley, and continue to the end of the road.
  3. Turn left here, then take the first right.
  4. Continue on this road until you cross over the freeway, then take the first left on to Grove Street.
  5. Continue along here until you see the red marker. This is your house. Put your vehicle in the attached garage if you want to keep it.


  • If you pedal all the way back your bike stats will get an early boost.
  • Bunny Hop lots and the enemy will miss you!