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These are listed in the order in which they appear in your personal arsenal. Each weapons class takes up a "slot" and picking up another weapon from a slot's class replaces the current weapon in that slot. If you try to pick up a weapon that replaces a weapon you already have, you have to hit a button to confirm the pickup rather than just run over the weapon. See the controls page to find the button for your platform.


One slot is taken up by your fists, which you always have.

Brass knuckles[edit]

These augment your fists, making your punches more powerful.

Melee Weapons[edit]

These kill with blunt force or laceration, and are useful when you're feeling brutal or want a reasonably quiet kill. These aren't for sale but you can find them around.

Baseball bat[edit]

Your traditional baseball bat...BATTER UP!


A Japanese sword.


The knife is an ordinary melee weapon but has a special attack mode. If you target an unaware opponent (for example approaching them from behind) and attack you should slit the target's throat, killing them instantly.


Able to destroy the doors of locked cars.

Golf club[edit]

Attacking with the golf club should bring back good Vice City memories.


Pool cue[edit]

You can get this from playing pool at a country bar. It's very long, so you can separate yourself from the enemy when attacking.


You can pick up one of these if a policeman "accidentally" dies near you.


As a melee weapon, the chainsaw is unique in that it "locks" characters in place and does enough damage that it is usually a one hit kill.


These weapons can be held by CJ in both hands if you have high enough skill.


The basic pistol is modeled on a 9mm. Dual wielded at Hitman level.

Silenced 9mm[edit]

The silenced pistol differs from the 9mm pistol in that, when fired, it seemingly has less effect on CJ's Wanted Level than other weapons. In stealth missions the silenced pistol allows silent kills at a distance, although players should be sure to use headshot kills. Failure to kill a target with a headshot can result in return fire, causing a higher alert level in the mission.

Desert Eagle[edit]

The Desert Eagle or "Deagle" is a powerful pistol that kills with one shot.


"What, like guns that fire shot?" -- Barry, Lock, Stock and two Smoking Barrels

Shotguns are deadly at close range. However, they don't hold many shells at once, so you need to reload often.


Basic shotgun.

Sawn-off shotgun[edit]

Dual-wielded at Hitman level.

Combat shotgun[edit]

The SPAS-12 is a semi-automatic shotgun with 7-round magazine.

Submachine guns[edit]

These are guns with automatic fire but pistol grip.


This is quite like a pistol, but it has rapid fire. Can be fired in both hands, but not as powerful as the Micro SMG.


Appears to be based on an Uzi. A Balla favorite.

The Tec-9 and the Micro-SMG are classified as machine pistols for your weapons statistics. Each is dual-wielded at hitman level.


The versatile SMG is useful in a drive-by, and when CJ is in a crouching position the SMG's range and accuracy are comparable to the assault rifles. It resembles the MP5 in real life. Because it's too large to hold in one hand, it cannot be dual wielded.

Assault Rifles[edit]

Assault rifles have automatic firing and heavier ammunition than the submachine guns.


An old Red Army standard. Ballas and Vagos tend to carry these a lot. They're very effective.


The western world's answer to the AK-47. It has a longer range and a higher capacity magazine than the AK.


Rifles are used for long-distance hits. After each shot there is a delay for reloading.

Lever Action Rifle[edit]

Your basic lever action rifle, like the ones that can be seen in western/spaghetti western movies.

Sniper Rifle[edit]

The sniper rifle has a first-person mode with zoom associated with it. Using this you can kill from a very long way away. Found at stage 25 in Vinewood by metal staircase in Los santos

Heavy Weapons[edit]

These are some of the most powerful weapons in the game. Unfortunately, they aren't available for purchase at Ammu-Nation. They're around if you know where to look.

Rocket Launcher[edit]

The RPG can destroy virtually all vehicles in the game with a decent shot, handy for causing mayhem or getting a police helicopter off your back. It can also be used as a more accurate substitute for grenades or molotov cocktails.

Heat-seeking Rocket Launcher (SAM)[edit]

The Heat Seeking Rocket Launcher is practically the same as the RPG except that when aimed it also shows a targeting symbol. This is usually placed on the vehicle roughly in the centre of the aimed view. When the launcher is fired the rocket will then hone in on the target. This is not all that useful on land vehicles but is the best way of bringing down aircraft and helicopters.

Flame Thrower[edit]

The flamethrower is, in many ways, a great weapon as it is the only practical area-effect weapon in the game and causes a great deal of chaos by setting pedestrians and passing vehicle on fire. Since any area it touches continues to burn for a while after, it also effectively allows you to stop people moving through an area. The weapon has two major weaknesses: firstly since it creates a burning area wherever it is fired it is only possible to move backwards when using the flamethrower; secondly it is difficult to control what will be affected by the flamethrower and using it on a busy street is likely to rapidly increase your wanted level and make you a target for pedestrians.


The Minigun or chain gun is effectively a monster machine gun with a huge rate of fire. It needs to be "spun" up by being aimed. It is probably the best weapon for dealing with large numbers of spawned enemies, such as cops at Wanted Level 5 and gang members in Turf War and it can also be very useful in hard missions (for example if you have to blow up a vehicle).

Thrown Weapons[edit]

Because these weapons are lobbed rather than fired, aiming them is rather difficult. The angle of inclination of your throw determines the angle it is lobbed, and the duration you held down the fire button is what determines how much force is used to throw it. It will explode after leaving your hand, the length of time before it explodes is the same regardless of how you threw it, high angles may result in it exploding while still far in the air and doing no damage. They also spread damage across a wide area, so if you're not careful you can harm yourself. When used right, however, they can kill quickly and effectively.

Hand grenade (M67)[edit]

The hand grenade can be useful, if expensive. You throw them and they explode. You might try it to initiate gang or turf wars and it can also be used to dissuade pursuing rival gang members before resorting to side- or long-arms.

Molotov Cocktails[edit]

Throw the Molotov and it starts a fire. A good throw can have devastating consequences, causing a chain reaction of exploding vehicles.

The Molotov becomes quite handy once you've completed the Firefighter mission to become fireproof. You can kill a half dozen assailants (like gang members in a turf war in close proximity) instantly, without fear of having it backfire. Be careful though, because vehicles set on fire will explode a few seconds later, and being fireproof doesn't mean you're immune to the concussive force of an explosion.

Satchel Explosives[edit]

This is a two-stage weapon. You throw one and it sticks to the first surface it hits. So you can attach them to walls. You can lay multiple charges before exploding them. To detonate, cycle though your weapons until you see the remote control, then fire. Make sure you're far enough away! Besides blowing up vehicles and walls, this weapon's good for setting booby traps for oncoming gangstas.

Tear gas canisters[edit]

These give off a gas which renders opponents temporarily ineffective. CJ is immune to it.


These aren't really weapons, although one can be used as one. They are operated by being selected through the weapons list, however.

Spray can[edit]

This is usually used to cover up gang tags but can be used like mace. You can spray it in an opponent's eyes to temporarily incapacitate them, or kill them if you do it for long enough.


Taking someone's picture is probably not going to kill or debilitate them in any way. The camera can be given to a recruited gang member to have a photo taken of CJ.

Fire Extinguisher[edit]

Can be used against enemies but also puts out fires. It needs to be aimed at the base of fires to put them out.


These are usually given to your girlfriends, but some of them can be used as weapons, with various degrees of effectiveness. You have to look around for them.


Found in a lot of places, mostly outside 7/11s.


A purple dounble-ended dildo found in police station showers.


A vibrator found behind a dumpster in the town in the North-West of San Andreas, where the boat school is.


Night Vision Goggles[edit]

Used in a few missions, when equipped the screen turns green and CJ can see in the dark.

Thermal Goggles[edit]

Almost the same as night vision goggles, they detect body heat.


Usually found on tall buildings, there is also one on Mount Chilliad and you get one when jumping from a plane when you have max flying skill. Allows CJ to float safely to the ground from a high place.

Body Armor[edit]

Body armor isn't carried, it's worn. It serves as added protection against bullets and explosions. It drains like health each time you are hit.

Body armor can be purchased at Ammu-Nation, but there is usually a spawn point near major save areas.

Completing the Vigilante mission increases the effectiveness of body armor by 50%.

Getting Weapons[edit]

At the beginning of the game weapons can be hard to come by since money is tight. But there are a couple of ways:

  • Kill people. Some civilians carry knives or pistols. The drug dealers are armed (and flush with cash) as well. Cops carry pistols and nightsticks. Of course it can be hard to kill someone who has a gun with your bare hands! You might want to work out and build up your muscles, find some brass knuckles, and learn fighting moves; but it's easiest if you just kill them by hitting them with a car.
  • From time to time in the game non-player characters will give you weapons to help you complete a mission.


Once you have cash you can buy your weapons legitimately, at Ammu-Nation. You can find these locations on the map. The interface for buying weapons there is self-explanatory and just like that for buying fast food.

As mentioned above, some Ammu-Nations have a firing range where you can take the weapons challenge. Winning these increase your weapons skills and are required for 100% completion.

Spawn points[edit]

Some weapons are hidden at certain locations on the map. You can collect them, then a few (6?) hours later you can collect them again. This can lead to large stockpiles of weapons so be on the lookout!

You can find them through diligence, or check out the 708145 weapons map.

Mission rewards[edit]

Completing some missions will unlock weapons spawn points.


Spoiler warning! This section of the article contains spoilers, or hints about the game's storyline or progression.

You might want to skip down to the next heading if you do not want facts about the game's storyline or plot revealed to you.

  • Completing Nines and AK's unlocks a pistol, which you can find on the map at the "Emmet" (gun) icon
  • Completing the Tags collection mission unlocks a set of weapons in CJ's mom's kitchen
  • Completing the Photo Ops collection mission unlocks a set of weapons at the garage in Doherty
  • Completing the Horseshoes collection mission unlocks a set of weapons at the Four Dragons Casino
  • Completing the Vertical Bird mission unlocks a set of heavy weapons at Mike Toreno's ranch
  • Dating Helena Wankstein unlocks a set of weapons at her barn

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