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Stay on their tail

Big Smoke's hungry, so the gang decides to head out for some food. After the cutscene, drive to the Cluckin' Bell and into the red marker to trigger the next cutscene, which truly demonstrates the extent of Smoke's gluttony. After this, Ryder spots a Balla ride, and sees that they're planning a hit.

If the Balla car makes it back to Grove Street you fail the mission, so quickly smash the Balla car into a wall and let your people do the work. They have such bad aiming it almost seems as if the Balla car is bulletproof. However if you have an SMG, Micro-SMG or Tec9 you can help them out by performing a drive-by. Eventually the car will be on fire, and you can watch the Ballas die when the car explodes. If they haven't died, hop out of your car and cap them, or just run them down.

Once the Ballas are all dead, drive back to Sweet's house and then on to Smoke's house to complete the mission.


  • Cash: $200
  • Respect: +5
  • Los Santos Gym opens.