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178 Territories[edit]

This section is about unlocking hidden territories; for information about how to conquer them, see the Turf Wars Guide.

these changes are irreversible. If the game is saved with the extra territories enabled, they will always be enabled for that saved game slot. If playing from a glitch-enabled game save, there is no way to turn it off. It is suggested that players wishing to try this should make a new save to experiment on, and then revert to the old one if the glitch's changes are not to their liking. You can, however, edit the PC version save via any save game editor to revert the changes. Unfortunately, you cannot edit PS2 or Xbox save files.

This was discovered by Agent Ozzy of GTAforums completely by accident; see the forum thread where he first announced his discovery. As the name suggests, this is a glitch; Rockstar never intended for this feature to be included in the retail version.

Take a boat or plane (or car, with the Flying Cars cheat) and head to either the southwest or southeast corner of the map. The player then flies or drives out to sea in a south-western or south-eastern direction. This glitch takes a while so it is suggested that the player tape down the button and leave the game running. 30 real-world minutes should be long enough. Once the player is sure that all territories have been unlocked they can either fly or drive back (again, takes a long time) or drown themselves in order to get back immediately.

If done correctly, there should now be multicolored territories in the Badlands, San Fierro, Los Venturas, and the desert. However these territories are still only owned by Ballas and Vagos, the multiple colors are somehow caused by combinations of these wherever the "lost" territories overlap.

All unconquered "lost" territories will act much like they did before the glitch was activated, however there will be Ballas or Vagos wandering around them whereas in an unglitched game many of these areas would not normally harbor these gangs.

All these can be conquered by starting a turf war with the resident gangs, and are taken over after only one wave.

One downside that some players dislike is that once the area becomes theirs it will be ruled by GSF members; this means that people driving by will have the GSF's favorite cars, rather than the specific types usually found in that area before being conquered. This means the variety of jackable rides is significantly reduced.

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Unlimited, free Shotgun/SMG/M4 ammo[edit]

As a prerequisite for this glitch, you must have access to the Ammu-Nation gun range, which means you must have completed Sweet's Doberman mission.

It is recommended that you have maxed your skill on the desired weapon.

Go to an Ammu-Nation firing range and begin a weapon challenge. Wait until the screen loads. Before your target show up, quickly exit (press Enter for the PC version). Afterwards, you will find out that you have double the ammo you had before entering for some weapons. You may redo this again and again to get the amount of ammo that you want.

What equipment is eligible for ammo:

  • For shotguns, you must carry either the sawn-off or combat shotgun.
  • There is a special case for the Uzi challenge: if you have maximum skill you can use any SMG. If you don't, you cannot carry the Uzi.
  • For the assault rifles you must carry an M4.

Other notes:

  • There is no way to obtain ammo from the pistol (it slightly works with the silent pistol though), or with the rifles and thrown weapons.
  • You cannot get ammo for any of the weapons used in the challenges (pistol, pump shotgun, Micro SMG, and AK47). The glitch gives ammo for the other weapons of the same type.

Invisible Police Bribe[edit]

Just a short walk from Catalina's hideout, there is an invisible police bribe. From where you appear after loading a saved game there, head east/south-east to the path. To make it easier to find, get your wanted level up to 2 stars or more, and simply walk or drive along the path to Catalina's hideout slowly until you see your wanted level decrease.

Reward bikes won't spawn after completing bike school[edit]

Sometimes the bikes you get as a reward for completing the bike school won't spawn, sometimes none will spawn, at other times only one or two. This has been reported for the PC version.

Car glitch (Flintstones glitch)[edit]

GTA San Andreas Flintstones glitch (0:31)
The driver appears standing like how the Flintstones drive their vehicles.

This is a random glitch, so it is rare that it will occur during normal gameplay. Players can see their character's legs walking underneath the vehicle while driving, similar to Fred Flinstones' method of driving his car in the cartoon. This is similar to the Jet-pack glitch (below), where sometimes in a vehicle after equipping a Jet Pack, the main character's legs show through the vehicle (however, they will not walk like they do in this glitch).

Jet-pack glitch[edit]

If you type in the jet-pack cheat (Left, Right, L1 button, L2 button, R1 button, R2 button, Up, Down, Left, Right (PS2), or ROCKETMAN (PC)) while in/on a vehicle you will be wearing the jet-pack while driving. The jet-pack does not make you fly while riding the vehicle but the jets will still work. Once you exit the vehicle you will lose the jet pack.

No head glitch[edit]

You can make this glitch occur only by using a second controller and 2 play mode, but once the glitch has occurred your character will stay that way in one player mode (unsure if it stays when you save).To do this you will need a katana there is two ways to get one easy way (Cheat to get it either using the yakuza cheat or the katana cheat) or the hard way (find one while playing game).

When you have the katana have the second player cut off the first players head. This will make you respawn at the 2 player marker with no head and blood spiting out of your neck (fun glitch). To undo this effect, get your hair cut.