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PlayStation 2,PC,Xbox
  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngDeconstruction
  • Bronze medals in each of the GTA San Andreas radar School.pngDriving School tests.
  • Location: Behind Wang's Autos in Doherty (you can see the red marker from the Pay-N-Spray. If you don't see the marker or the checkered flag icon on the map, it's not time yet.

You will get a phone call telling you about the tournaments when you are able to race them.

Select the race you want to compete in using the controls indicated on your screen (they will vary by platform).

Like all the races in San Andreas, hit the checkpoints and arrive at the finish line ahead of your competitors. These are "illegal" races, meaning you may have to deal with civilian traffic as well as your fellow racers.


There are six races in total.

Dirtbike Danger[edit]

  • Vehicle: Sanchez
  • Tips: Take it easy, and you'll win easily. In the start, stay behind the other competitors, and whenever there's a hustle, steer clear of it and take over some of them.

Bandito Country[edit]

  • Vehicle: Bandito
  • Tips: Take it easy, and you'll win easily. In the start, stay behind the other competitors, and whenever there's a hustle, steer clear of it and take over some of them.

Go-Go Karting[edit]

  • Vehicle: Kart
  • Tips: The most important thing to remember is that the Kart corners like a housefly. Remember this, and remember to brake as well - there are some tight 90 degree turns - and you should soon be in the lead.

San Fierro Fastlane[edit]

  • Vehicle: Alpha
  • Distance: 1.69 miles
  • Opponents: Club, Jester, Elegy, Uranus

This course is the epitome of everything that is wrong with GTA San Andreas. The basic strategy is simple: Miss everything, don't let your car come more than about fifteen degrees off its line, and never, ever let your car take to the air. The reasons for this are simple:

• The physics of the cars in the game change for vehicle-specific missions.

• If your car comes more than about fifteen degrees off its line, it is nearly impossible to recover, as it will usually find the road at about ninety degrees, sending you headline into a building, or else spin out a full 180°, at which point the race is finished because you're simply not going to catch up. Indeed, many races are essentially over in under ten seconds if you're not careful. The way around that danger is to let everyone else jump off the line before punching the accelerator. And why not? Even the Club has better horsepower and torque than your Alpha.

• Generally, and especially if you manage to move into the lead, any time your car catches air, another vehicle will blind-spawn in your landing zone. As nothing in vehicle-specific missions behaves the way it does at any other time in the game, you can expect your car to be knocked completely off its line.

The best strategy is to find a way to move into the lead, and then simply keep the car on the road. This is easier said than done, as an additional feature of this race is that everyone in San Fierro seems not so much willing to interfere in the race in general as to do everything they can to prevent you from winning. Pedestrians, civilian traffic, police cars, taxis ... everyone. Once in a while, a random car will decide to change lanes into oncoming traffic just in order to get in your way.

As near as can be determined, the race needs to be finished in under 1:45 to win. And watch out for the last stretch. Either vehicles will blind-spawn around the curve (perfectly, exactly in your way), or else some random driver will suddenly go crazy and decide to get into your way.

San Fierro Fastlane is one of the most complete examples of the horrendous level design plaguing this massive, beautiful gaming arena. It's too much, apparently, to make the race as difficult as the designers think it needs to be, so—just like with having to shoot an Ingram or a dysfunctional AK when riding shotgun—they change the rules of their universe.

You'll never drive a Club that performs and handles as well as the ones you're racing against. Of course, just like putting offroad tires on a ZR-350, that's the whole point. Your best ally is luck; perhaps you won't make even the slightest mistake at the same time the system randomly causes every other driver to completely screw up.

San Fierro Hills[edit]

  • Vehicle: Phoenix
  • Distance: 8 km
  • Opponents: Super GT (2),ZR-350, Buffalo, Sultan
  • Tips: This Race can be either really easy or impossible. This all depends on your driving style. If you hold Cross button and never brake or hardly brake this is impossible. Now if you take your time going around corners and don't get worked up if you're not in first straight away this race is really simple. Once the race has started speed along this strip of road passing through 3 markers after the 3rd move to the left and go through the next marker and continue up the hill then turn left around the corner. Go up and take the second left. Go down this road turn right and go through the next marker. Go along this road passing through 3 markers turn left after the 3rd. Go down this road and take the next left. Go over the sidewalk and into the next marker. Turn right and go down the small hill. Go through the next marker and move over to the left and go up the on ramp. Once on the highway just watch out for traffic. On your way along the highway you pass through 5 markers. Keep going until the next marker(the 6th one) Break as you go through and turn right around the corner. Follow this road to the next 4 markers. After the fourth turn left and go up the hill. Turn right and go through the next marker. Continue along this road to the next marker. Once you go through it break and drift down the hill to the next marker. Break just before you go through and turn around the corner. Follow the road to the next marker. Break and turn left around the corner. Follow the road to the next marker again. Release Cross button whilst going down the hill and drift to the next marker. Follow the corner around and turn right onto the highway. Keep going along past 2 markers. When you come to fork in the road just keep going straight and go left around the bend. When you get back on the highway go through 2 markers and turn right and go down the off ramp through the next marker. When you come to the bottom of the ramp turn right and then left. Go through the marker. Now follow this road through 3 markers. After the 3rd marker keep going straight and pass through the final marker.

Country Endurance[edit]

  • Vehicle: Bullet
  • Tips: This is a long car race, so focus on avoiding crashes. Don't get caught in the middle of other cars at the start; most of them will either crash into other competitors or other traffic, or even drive over the edge. Avoid the other cars, and you'll get the upper hand early on.


Each race carries a $10,000 prize for first place.

When you win the last race of all four tournaments (whichever it is), you get a $1 000 000 prize.

First place in each race earns progress towards 100% Completion.