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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Catalina.pngFirst Base
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CesarVialpando.pngClearing southeast of Montgomery, Red County

This is the street race known as "Badlands A" which ends at the Panopticon. Whichever car you enter the red marker in will be the car you use in the race.

Be careful around curves and you should be good. There's no need to push as hard as you can as the opponents will make mistakes, but be careful nonetheless.


As this course involves quite a lot of dirt roads, an vehicle with offroad abilities will be handy. A Rancher is a good choice as it gives good handling on and off the road.

When you get to the river, make sure you aren't going too fast or you will slide right off into the water.

At Blueberry acres, there is a jump through the barn. But the checkpoints are pretty far apart here so you can find your own way if you want.

On the uphill stretch, use power-slide turns to negotiate the switchbacks. Do this with the handbrake.


  • Cash: $5,000