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  • Mission: Yay Ka-Boom-Boom (i.e., legal access to Las Venturas)
  • Location: Burger Shot in Redsands East

Get on the Faggio moped to start the mission. You are given a set of packages and a set of targets to "deliver" them to. Each target is a corona and you deliver the package the same way you would do a drive-by shooting. With each level your time limit increases as does the distance between targets.

  • Level 1: three deliveries
  • Level 2: four deliveries
  • Level 3: five deliveries
  • Level 4: six deliveries


You have some extra packages so you can miss a few shots without having to return to the Burger Shot. Alternatively you can run over a thrown-and-missed package to pick it up and deliver it again.

Once you start a level, look at the map to located the delivery locations (yellow blips). Plot your course in a clockwise fashion, moving away from then back towards the Burger Shot.

If your biking skill is high you shouldn't have any trouble completing this mission.


Cash is rewarded based on time and leftover packages remaining after each level. Don't get off the bike or you'll end the challenge before completion!

After Level 4 the asset is unlocked, generating up to $2000 per day.