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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar BigSmoke.pngOG Loc
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar OGLoc.pngBurger Shot car park, Marina, Los Santos
  • Time: 22:00 - 06:00
Time It Right

This is your first mission for OG Loc and you have to steal a sound van for his upcoming party. So, to do this, head over to the beach. Go up to the DJ and press ->(the right button) for a positive reply (Y on PC). Keep pressing it and then here comes the dancing. This is similar to the Cesar Vialpando mission, except this time, you're pressing the Cross button, Circle button, Square button and Triangle button buttons. The PC Version uses either  ↑ / ↓ // or W/A/S/D.

You have to get 4000 points or more to succeed (2500 on the PC and PS3 versions), so concentrate on the buttons and not Carl's onscreen dancing. After you're done, steal the van and floor it to the garage.

A significant number of players see this mission as too hard, claiming the music is out of time with the required timing for button pressing, especially considering the fact that failure to complete it means no more progression in the game.

Note that if you fail the mission the party disperses. If you wish, pull out a submachine gun and kill the partygoers. All but a few of them carry SMGs and some cash... so failure can have its own reward!

Tip: mute the volume when you perform this mission so you don't take cue's from the music but focus on the arrow instructions. It is easy to get 4000 pts (PC version) or more the first time. Works for lowrider as well.

Tip: The PS3/PSN version of the game has a bug that requires you to mash each button multiple times, generating more points for each press of the button. This strategy may also help with other versions of the game.


  • Respect: +3