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  • Mission: N.O.E
  • Location: CJ's airstrip, Verdant Meadows, Bone County

A large cargo plane from an rival government agency lands at the Verdant Meadows strip, and Toreno tells you to take them out. After the cutscene you are on a motorbike and must ride up into the back of the plane. Barrels will roll out the back of the plane, so avoid those and get in there. Once in, you should not fire any guns, or the plane may explode. You need to take a parachute from a crew member so you can escape. Make your way through the plane, ducking into each alcove to avoid rolling barrels. Once you get to the final agent, you will see he is wearing a parachute. Kill him and take it. Then, place a satchel charge anywhere on the crates, make sure the parachute is equipped, and jump out of the plane. It will automatically explode. After you free fall a little and the ground is getting close, open your chute and land.


  • Start out straight and go right around the agents and the initial barrels. Tapping your "lean forward" will speed you up. Approach the plane from a 20% angle so you miss the barrels, and then slip up the ramp. You just need to hit the end of the ramp, not actually ride up into it.
  • Try starting with a slight wheelie on the bike, and go through the agents. Approach the ramp from the left hand side and you should just make it. One mistake, be it not starting quickly enough or being hit by a barrel will cause you to miss the plane. Perfection's the only way, unfortunately!
  • Its easy. Just push the left analog stick forward along with Cross button/RT button to gain extra speed and follow the plane from right side leaving aside the protection. Then veer left avoiding the barrels and get into the plane.
  • For the PC version: You will have to tap the button you have assigned for leaning forward (default:  ↑ ) in order to gain enough speed. Do not hold it. If you do it right you should be able to get on the plane long before it takes off. If you use a joystick there should be no problem. Just take it between 1/4 to 1/2 down to lean enough.
  • Make sure you get a good melee weapon before starting this mission.
  • Also make sure you get the guys in the gap they hide in one by one, because if you just run to the end of the plane they will all gang up on you and make the mission just a little harder.
  • When the cutscene starts, type the code "LIYOAAY"; when you type the code, "cheat activated" is written on the upper-left side of the screen. The function of this code is to slow game play. After typing the code the game runs more slowly. You drive the bike towards the plane, which runs slowly and you can easily ramp on the plane. When you activate code the sound of the radio is off and people's speech slows. When you ramp a cutscene appears and you reach up on the plane. Then there is no difficulty in completing this mission. After completing the mission type the code "PPGWJHT" for faster game play.


Cash: $20,000