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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngDrive-thru
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngSweet's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos

After the cutscene, get into Smoke's Glendale car, and drive to Emmet's house to trigger the next cutscene. After this, you are given a regular pistol, which replaces your current pistol should you already have a different one. You must now lock-on to a number of bottles and shoot them, and are subsequently introduced to crouching to improve aim, and destroying a car in one shot, by manually aiming at its gas tank.

After you drive Smoke back to his house, Sweet calls to tell you to wear some more appropriate clothes. Drive over to Binco, and head inside. At this point, you can optionally buy some new clothes, but you may wish to check out the other stores first. Either way, just exit the store to complete the mission.


To save you the effort of scanning through the Appearance Guide, the following clothes will net you the highest Respect and Sex Appeal (prioritizing Respect):

  • Torso: Base 5 Hood ($105 from Sub Urban)
  • Legs: Green Jeans ($60 from Binco)
  • Shoes: Mid-Top Sneaker ($115 from Pro-Laps)
  • Chains: Silver Cuban ($200 from Sub Urban)
  • Watches: Face Black ($120 from Sub Urban)
  • Shades: Sun Glasses ($150 from Pro-Laps)
  • Hats: Green Rag Back ($25 from Binco)

If you prefer to prioritize Sex Appeal, make the following substitution:

  • Torso: Rockstar Hood ($120 from Sub Urban)


  • Respect: +4
  • Item: Pistol (60 rounds)
  • Pistol (16 rounds) spawns near Emmet's house.
  • Binco, Sub Urban, and Pro-Laps clothing stores now open.