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Time It Right And It's Perfect

Go to the garage on the map; look at the expensive mods that you can add to any of the lowriders in the game (Blade, Broadway, Buccaneer, Esperanto, Remington, Savanna, Slamvan, Tornado, and Voodoo). Head over to the lowriding competition and place your bet. $1000 is a reasonable bet because the beat is slow and your competition really sucks. He should be 100 points down from you most of the time. The idea is to 'bounce' your lowrider in time to the music in the direction indicated. On the PS2, use the right analog stick. On the PC, use the arrows on the number pad (see below). Just follow the rhythm and controls. When that's done, watch the cut-scene.


Controls for PC keyboard:

4+8 8 8+6
  \ | /
4 - * - 6
  / | \
4+2 2 2+6

If you are running the game on a relatively slow computer (PC version) and have a hard time completing this mission, then try doing the mission in a lower resolution. This makes it easier to hit the arrows right.


  • Cash: Whatever you bet
  • Loco Low Co and TransFender mod garages now open