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Mike Toreno is creeping up on CJ again! CJ is still mad at Toreno for nearly getting him killed in the crazy Hydra fiasco. And now he is asking CJ for one last favor?!

"I just want you to pick up your brother ..."

You will need to drive to the Los Santos Police Station in Commerce to pick up Sweet. You want to bring him back to the mansion with the swimming pool but Sweet insists getting back to the hood. Once you are there, a guy is trying to sell you and Sweet a blender that you recognize to be Mom's! Time to clean up the hood! Kill the drug dealers as instructed and then kill some Ballas in the area to provoke a gang war. They should be very easy to find.


  • You can now do gang wars after this mission. However, don't try to take all territories yet if you don't want to re-take them later because the subsequent two missions from Sweet will start with some territories under Ballas control.


  • Respect+
  • Gang war can be done again.