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PlayStation 2,PC,Xbox
Big Smoke
  • Mission:GTA San Andreas radar CJ.png In the beginning
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CJ.pngCJ's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos

Unlike previous games in the Grand Theft Auto series, this first mission can actually be quite tricky, since it is quite possible to die, if you are not careful.

During the cut-scene, you go with Big Smoke to the graveyard where you meet your sister, Kendl and your brother, Sweet. As you are leaving, you are attacked by the Ballas (a sworn enemy gang).

Get to safety[edit]

When you regain control, hop on the BMX marked with a blue arrow (you have to use this vehicle), and keep close to Sweet. The Ballas will try to shoot you as you are cycling, but should you have acquired a sufficient amount of firepower, you can destroy the enemy car. You cannot pull the Ballas out of the car by attempting to jack the vehicle.


  1. After getting on the bike, go to the end of the street and turn left.
  2. Go straight for a couple of blocks, then turn left uphill.
  3. Turn right at the next light.
  4. When the street begins to curve to the right, go straight and head into the parking lot to find the crew waiting for you. This is the clearing under the Mulholland Intersection. Sweet will split from you to draw away the Ballas.
Biking tips

When biking, note that you can sprint by tapping Cross button. This will be necessary to catch up to Sweet if you fall behind. If the Ballas in the car give you trouble, try to bike close to the center of the lane so that they drive on the left side of the street. They may run into oncoming traffic. You can also jump over corners and onto raised parts of sidewalks and buildings by bunny hopping with L1 button.

Ride home[edit]

Follow Ryder back to your house to complete the mission. Don't worry if you fall behind; he will wait for you until you catch up. You fail this mission if you get Wasted, or somehow trash your BMX (e.g. by cycling it into water).


  1. Head straight and to the right side of the parking lot.
  2. Turn right into the alley before the end of the lot.
  3. At the street, slow down so you don't hit anyone or a car. Cross the street and continue through the next alley with the stairs.
  4. Turn ??.
  5. ??


Getting Started
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
10 Gamerscore points
Getting Started
Complete "Big Smoke".
  • Respect: +3
  • Your house now becomes a safehouse (i.e. you can save the game there).
  • Camera (with 50 exposures) spawns in CJ's house.