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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Zero.pngAir Raid
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar Zero.pngZero's RC shop, Garcia, San Fierro

Berkley is sending his cronies around to deliver items in San Fierro. You have an RC Baron equipped with a gun to take them out. To start off with, hit the 3 delivery guys to the south-west of your starting point. If you don't get them soon, they spread out and make the mission a big hassle. Then fly to the north-east and hit the other two. When this is complete, fly back to Zero's rooftop to complete the mission. It's possible to shoot the targets from the air, but it's more likely that you'll end up on the ground. Just position yourself behind the target and shoot away.


  • When travelling between targets, save gas by letting off the throttle and gliding.
  • The small plane has the same mechanics as the larger planes you learn to fly, later at flight school. Getting a pilot's license first makes this mission much easier.

Fuel Glitch[edit]

The original copy of GTA: San Andreas on PS2 has a glitch in it. Thus, even if you glide the RC Baron, the fuel depletes anyway, making the mission in total of about 5 minutes long. Rockstar North fixed the glitch when the X-Box and the PS2 Special Edition were about to release.

  • Note: To glide in the air, release Cross button/W and guide the plane using the left analog stick.