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  • Mission: Nines and AK's
  • Location: Big Smoke's house, Idlewood, Los Santos
Dodgin' Some Traffic

Your first mission for Smoke, you must pick up another friend of yours called "OG Loc"... or just Jeffrey. Watch the cutscene then drive over to Freddy's house, after the cutscene hop into the PCJ and follow Freddy. No need to shoot, conserve your ammo for later on in the mission. All you need to do is follow the bike until you reach the Idlewood Basketball court. There are 3 Vagos waiting, kill them with your Tec-9 or Mac-10. Then kill Freddy, after that, drive OG Loc to his new job at Burger Shot.

In-depth walkthrough[edit]

This walkthrough exploits the obvious design of Freddy's route. He has greater speed but chooses the longest and hardest routes (hoping you will follow and collide with something and end up losing him). This in-depth walkthrough takes full advantage of this.

When you start the mission Freddy is down an alleyway to the right. Drive close enough that he says, "Oh chase me chase me!" and drives off, then high-tail it back to the left, turn right, and then go along the sloping walled footpath to your left. By now Freddy should be far behind you.

Now slow down (so he doesn't vanish off the radar) and continue down the hill to the immediate left, accelerating as much as necessary to keep him on the map but behind you.

Freddy will take (or be taking) the road immediately to the right, so take the next one after it. This is a shorter route, and, once again, will put you in front of him for sure if he's managed to get ahead of you once more.

When you both re-emerge onto the main road (pictured) he will be taking the overpass to the left, so do that also, even if you are ahead of him. Keep to the far right, even scraping against the wall if necessary, so oncoming cars won't (hopefully) end up hitting you.

The rest of the route is more about following him directly so give him a chance to get slightly ahead, but any time he goes down an alley (or anywhere else that you would possibly hit something and fall off your bike) take the shortest proper road available.


  • If you are having problems staying on the bike, try increasing your Bike Skill before starting the mission.
  • If you should lose track of Freddy, he leaves a tire-trail behind him, so try looking at the ground to see which route he took.
  • Freddy takes a predictable and inefficient route. If you second-guess his movements you can take the more direct route, and you will hopefully be ahead of him for most of the "chase"! Don't let his marker come too near to the edge of the radar though, as you can still lose him even though you are in front.


  • Respect: +5