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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngCesar Vialpando
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CesarVialpando.pngCesar's house, El Corona, Los Santos
  • Vehicle: Lowrider (Blade, Broadway, Remington, Savanna, Slamvan, Tornado, or Voodoo)

During this mission, you're introduced to street racing, only this time, it's with a Lowrider car. This mission might be difficult for some and easier for other because they can control lowriders. First off, get a lowrider - a Broadway seems to be the best handling, and you need to learn to drive it for the pimping missions anyway. Meet Cesar, follow him, and get into the red circle. Power through the beginning and keep working at it. You want to floor it on the three main straightaways and take it really slow during the turn section. If you fail, keep trying.

You can also modify your car before the race (go to the wrench symbol on your map). If you equip the car with nitros, this mission becomes rather easy.


  • Cash: $1000