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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Caligula.pngFreefall
  • Location: GTA San Andreas radar CRASH.pngLas Brajas, Desert

After getting a call from Tenpenny to meet him in Las Brajas out near the dam, head there. One way is to fly to Verdant Meadows and take the Jet Pack over. A cutscene will play in which you hand over the Dossier to Tenpenny, and he beats another officer there who has been snitching. He leaves Pulaski to watch over you as you dig a grave for yourself and the stoolie cop. While digging it, the downed officer attacks Pulaski and is shot, but Pulaski runs. You follow and kill him.


A Sanchez is usually spawned by the Verdant Meadows save. With that, or any bike, drive up to the red marker and park the bike by the building closest to the road. After walking to the red marker and going through the cut-scene, the bike will still be there.

Before you start the initial cutscene, have a powerful gun armed, like the AK47 or M4. As Pulaski runs toward the car, he can't be hurt. You can shoot out the tires, so that he can't get any speed. Drive along him and shoot him up as he mocks your family. When he starts to burn he'll bail out. Get a small distance away and shoot him up with the AK47/M4 to put him down fast.

It is also possible to chase him down with the chainsaw before he gets in the buffalo.

If you have either stolen a Hunter from the Air races, or gotten all gold medals in your Learning to Fly training missions, the Hunter makes this mission relatively easy. If you don't have access to the Hunter, get yourself a Seasparrow before this mission. Fly your copter to the ghost town, and land it by the road, to the south of the town. Make sure you are a good distance away from the graveyard. Then, once he gets in the Buffalo, you can run to your copter, chase him down and blow up the car from the air. You will still have to kill Pulaski himself.

It is possible to block Pulaski with your buggy as he gets inside the car then carjack him. You can then run him over and kill him. The same cutscene is shown, but in that method, you don't hear him mocking your family. This method is very difficult and may require several tries.


  • Cash: $15,000
  • Respect +