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Dirt track is a race on Santez, available at the Las Venturas stadium on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

  • # of laps: 6.
  • # of opponents: 11.
  • Reward: $25000 and BF injection outside the stadium.

Your opponents bump in to each other a lot at the start en the first 3 big jumps try stay on the right side of the track to avoid getting hit. It's easy to overtake an opponent by using the PIT move or you can run over them when they have fallen off of their bikes.

Watch out at the 3rd jump from the start; don't take it to fast and try land it in to a stoppie because you're landing on a downward slope. Your opponents often fall when attempting this jump.

If you don't hit the side too much, you don't have to worry about your bike blowing up (like on the 8 track it can take a lot more hits).

If all else fails, whip out your minigun and take out the competition (as the race takes six laps to finish, you'll have plenty of time to nail them all). Unlike the 8-track race, the AI contenders won't respawn.