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Bail Out Just In Time!

OG Loc needs you to take care of Madd Dogg's manager. So QUICKLY, AND I MEAN QUICKLY, drive to Burgershot to steal the car. If you don't, you'll have to ram the bodyguard out of his car and take it to the Pay'N'Spray after. After that, head over to the rendevous point quickly and in perfect condition. Park the car in the same position as the others and pick up the manager. After that, floor it and head to the pier. Get some speed and bail out so the car goes flying to the ocean. After that, head back to Burgershot and you're done.

After you have kidnapped the manager, if you let the bodyguards get too close when you drive into the pier, you will need to "deal with" them because they are the crime witnesses.


  • Actually, you don't have to damage the car - you can steal it after blocking its way with your vehicle. (Just make sure you kill the driver before entering the car, so he won't shot at it either.)
  • If you see the car stopping at the lights, you can jack it so that you don't cause any damage to it.
  • Try to hit the black car from the front with a cop motorcycle (the other motorcycles may work as well). CJ should fall off, the guy will get out of the car, and then you can take it. If it works, the car will still be undamaged, and you can just go meet the others – without taking it to the respray shop! So you'll have plenty of time to reach the convoy and park your car.


  • Respect: +5