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Sweet decides to wipe out the Ballas for good. So, Sweet decides to go to the battlegrounds and CJ follows along later. Cesar calls to meet up near Downtown, CJ agrees, so watch the cutscene. CJ realizes Sweet's in a setup and he must go rescue his brother. So quickly drive to the yellow marker. All this mission is, is quick aiming and shooting, so be sure to grab armor before starting the mission. After dropping the last Balla, watch the cutscene and you're done with Los Santos for now.

Note: You lose all weapons and other items after this mission.


All Dressed Up for San Fierro
Bronze Trophy unlocked.png
25 Gamerscore points
All Dressed Up for San Fierro
Complete "The Green Sabre".
  • Respect: +15
  • Item: Camera
  • Badlands and San Fierro open
  • San Fierro Gym opens
  • Safehouses in Badlands and Red County available for purchase