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When you arrive in San Fierro you can start taking pictures of various local places of interest. There are 50 in all.

Finding Photo Ops[edit]

Most of these snapshot locations look slightly unusual compared to the normal textures and constructions in the game. They will glow in the middle of the night, starting at midnight. The only way to check a location for sure is to view it through the camera viewfinder. A true snapshot location will have a small purple icon with a camera on it. It sounds confusing but you will know it when you see it.

Taking Photos[edit]

To take a snapshot you need to zoom in on the icon and try to centre it in the viewfinder. The R1 button button causes CJ to look through the camera, and zooming is controlled with L2 button and R2 button. L1 button takes the picture.

If you've successfully captured a snapshot there will be a "Snapshots n out of 50" message. You do not need to save the snapshot to memory to get credit for it.


A motorcycle or bicycle is good for getting around town fast, and you can kill two birds with one stone by building up your skill at riding. There are people riding bicycles on Missionary Hill, Downtown, and Easter Basin.

A good way to hunt down photo targets is to "hitch a ride" on an NPC automobile. Jump onto the car hood, then constantly look through the camera viewfinder in search of photo icons as the automobile makes its way around town. Fire a round or two in the air while hitching a ride to make the NPC driver go faster.

Camera Locations[edit]

There is a camera in the upstairs bedroom in first safehouse in Ganton (next to the spray can), and one at the southwest corner inside the Cranberry train station.

This is probably all you need but there are lots more. Look at the 708145 item/weapons map and find the "CAM" icons to find them all.

List of Photo Opportunities[edit]

Many sites have lists, each with their own order. This list is in the same order as in the BradyGames guide:

  1. Missionary Hill. Go to the TV station and look at the orange tower.
  2. Avispa Country Club. Stand around the tennis courts and look at the domed tower.
  3. Easter Bay Airport. Look at the sign at the entrance, just below the airplane.
  4. Esplanade East. Look at the clock tower next to the Garver Bridge
  5. Garver Bridge leaving San Fierro, about halfway across. Look at the top of the supporting structure.
  6. Xoomer gas station, Easter Basin. Look at the rotating X.
  7. Shady Industries, Doherty (south of the Xoomer). Look at the center of the two cylindrical tanks, from the east.
  8. Avispa Country Club. Stand on the tennis courts and look above the nets.
  9. City Hall. Look at the domed building from the west.
  10. Palisades. Right in the middle of the donut atop Tuff Nut
  11. Gant Bridge. Leaving San Fierro, look at the lower crossbar of the first support tower
  12. Da Nang Boat, in the bay east of Gant Bridge. You can get close to the ship by taking a fishing boat. Look at the communications mast at the top of the ship.
  13. USS Numnutz submarine in the harbour. Look at the conning tower.
  14. First support tower of Garver Bridge (not Kincaid Bridge as listed in the BradyGames guide), about halfway up.
  15. Aircraft carrier, Easter Basin. Look at the bridge (the "building" part of the ship with the window). You will acquire a five star wanted level upon entering the base! But you can also get this one from the airport. Go to the end of the runway and look at the aircraft carrier. You will not see the purple icon but if you zoom in far enough you will get credit for the shot.
  16. Cranberry Station. Look at the Iron and glass roof over the platform
  17. Tower in King's. From the garage in Doherty, go north, take a left and a right. Look at the highest point of the tower.
  18. Southwest corner of Chinatown. Look at the pagoda tower across from trolley station.
  19. King's. From the garage in Doherty, travel north to the northeast corner of the skyscraper. Look at the top, near the two middle flagpoles.
  20. Downtown. The Zombotech building is a few blocks north of #19, on the right across from the park. Go inside and find the DNA sculpture. Look in the middle.
  21. Calton Heights. Continue north from #20 and find the Windy Windy Road (Lombard Street in real life) on the left. Look in the middle. Behind you is #25.
  22. Juniper Hollow. Go to the Burger Shot with the rotating sign. Look right at the sign.
  23. Tunnel between Calton Heights and Juniper Hollow. On the east side of the tunnel facing west, look at the lamppost.
  24. Financial. Antenna on top of the Vank Hoff Hotel. You will need to stand under the overhanging part of the Big Pointy Building and look through the lattice.
  25. Downtown. Baseball player statue in the square.
  26. Financial. Skyscraper across from Michelle's Garage. Look at the side of the building, halfway up.
  27. Esplanade North. Look at the Pier 69 sign.
  28. Queen's. West of #17 and #19 is a building with a chimney. Look at the chimney
  29. Juniper Hill. The Supa Sava market northwest of #28. Look above the entrance.
  30. City Hall. Stand in the plaza and look west at City Hall, between the two columns at the entrance.
  31. Bridge leaving San Fierro from the southwest. Stand north of the bridge and look south at it, just above.
  32. Foster Valley. Stand on the hill west of the complex and look at the top of the second round tower.
  33. Foster Valley. Go to the roof garden and look at the glass ceiling.
  34. Bridge connecting Red County and The Panopticon. Stand north of the bridge and look south above the bridge.
  35. Easter Basin. Go to the dock and find the big warehouses. Look high above the larger one.
  36. Doherty. Go to the construction site and look at the top of the crane.
  37. Entrance to the Vank Hoff Park Hotel in Queen's (not the Vank Hoff Hotel in the Financial district). This is a property for sale/save point. Look right at the front door. Behind the hotel is #39
  38. Chinatown gate (northwest corner). Look at the top of the gate in the center.
  39. Behind the Vank Hoff Park Hotel, in the middle of the wall.
  40. Easter Basin Airport. There are some cylindrical tanks on the northeast edge of the tarmac. Look between them. To get onto the tarmac without a pilot's license, drive a car up to the guard shack. Climb on top of the car, then on top and over the guard shack. Go under the circular access road to the airport. There are utility pickups, baggage trucks, and one unlocked helicopter available.
  41. Easter Basin Airport. Go the air traffic control tower and look at the very top.
  42. Hashbury. Joint Festival banner (there are two, this is the one that faces onto the park.)
  43. Queen's. Find the movie theater and look at the marquee.
  44. Hashbury. Go to the north edge of the cemetery and look south, above the gravestones. #45 is on your right and #46 is behind you on your right.
  45. Ocean Flats. Go to the church (the Cathedral of St. Mary of the Assumption in real life) and look at the spire.
  46. Hashbury. Go to the Hippy Shopper store and look at the awning. #48 and #49 are closer than #47 at this point.
  47. Esplanade East, right-hand side of the Pier 69 sign. Look at the center rock in the rock formation in the bay.
  48. Garcia. Go to the north baseball field and look above home plate.
  49. Garcia. Go the curved road between the Burger Shot and the baseball field and find the Final Build construction lot. Look at the sign.
  50. Downtown. The skyscrapers on the right as you travel north from the garage in Doherty. Look between the skyscrapers, halfway up.


Upon completion of the mission, new spawn points for weapons are unlocked. These will now be available at the CJ's Garage in Doherty:

  • Micro-SMG
  • Grenades
  • Shotgun
  • Sniper Rifle

You also get a $100,000 bonus.

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