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  • Mission: Doberman
  • Total Respect: 10%
  • Location: Sweet's house, Grove Street, Ganton, Los Santos
  • Time: 09:00 - 17:00

Time to take the Ballas down on some more personal issues. Most of the Ballas and the biggest OG Balla, Kane, are all going to be there. You have four minutes to get to the graveyard in Vinewood (where CJ's moms was buried). There will be a tutorial on how to recruit members so just read the instructions as it is that simple. Once there, head for Kane ONLY and your boys will do the rest of the Ballas. Kane has armour, it'll take about 2 clips from an AK to drop him dead. After that, drive Sweet home with your two-star wanted level.


In this mission, you have a chance to explore San Andreas without any wanted level. E.g. you could visit the San Fierro Easter Basin Carrier Base to take the Patriot and the two oysters there without worrying about getting five stars.

To take advantage of this, after you get the tutorial, you need to climb back the wall and get out of the graveyard. There will be traffic, but police won't harass you even if got five stars.

When you are done exploring, go back to the graveyard's front and continue the mission.


  • Respect: +10