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  • Mission: GTA San Andreas radar Sweet.pngThe Green Sabre
  • Location: Covered dry dock in Easter Basin. It's right next to the Import/Export crane.

Get on the NRG to start the challenge (It's in the corner). The object is the same as in the BMX challenge: maneuver the bike through the red coronas. The drydock serves as a giant halfpipe.

You start with 10 seconds on the clock and each corona adds ten seconds to your time. If you get all the coronas before you run out of time, you win the challenge.


Drive around the dock across the top of the doors then by the Import/Export sign getting the coronas around the top. Go down the ramp to pick up the next two coronas, then go around inside the dock getting all at ground level, including the one halfway up the wall near the doors. These is all the "easy" ones and you should have about 1:30 on the clock by now. There should be now 7 last high coronas to get which need you to do half-pipe stunts.

The basic idea behind hitting the high coronas is to go up the side of the dock, right underneath the corona but hitting the wall head-on. If you try at an angle you will fly past the corona. You also need to have enough speed to get high enough. Here are some methods to position yourself right:

  • Use the radar screen to line up your icon with the triangular blips (they represent the coronas)
  • Use the camera control or free look to see the coronas as you drive the bike
  • The coronas cast a shadow on the wall of the drydock near the stop. It looks kind of like a dark stain.

You can position yourself precisely if you understand the layout of the dock. This consists of a half-pipe towards the doors and a half-hemisphere towards the end. If you approach the targets at a 90 degree angle to the wall with enough speed, you will go up under the corona precisely. You just need to know the correct approach path to the 7 high coronas. The centre of the dock is marked out by a black grate along its middle. Next to this is a thin line. If you accelerate along this line from the doors you will get the middle end corona. Now if you go back down into the dock, you can get the next one to it in the corner towards the starting position. To get this, you must drive diagonally across the centre of the half-hemisphere end of the dock towards the wall, up under the corona which is 45 degrees around to the right.

There are now 5 on the sides of the half-pipe, which are positioned as follows. To aid in positioning, the designers of the game have helpfully marked out the floor of the dock with what look like boards. There are 12 sets of 12 boards between the half-hemisphere end of the dock and the doors, divided by wide spaces.

On the left side looking towards the dock's doors (ramp side)

  • 2 boards towards doors (inside second set of boards)
  • 3 boards towards end (inside third set of boards)

On the right side looking towards the dock's doors (opposite the ramp)

  • 5 boards towards end (inside half-hemisphere)
  • 1 board towards doors (inside second set of boards)
  • 5 boards towards doors (inside fifth set of boards)
                                 Straight up along centre line   Directly diagonal to end
                                 Half-hemisphere                 RAMP

5 boards towards end

                                 Set of 12 boards

1 board towards doors                                            2 boards towards doors
                                 Set of 12 boards	

                                 End of Centre Grate
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                                                 3 boards towards end

                                 Set of 12 boards

5 boards towards back

                                 Set of 12 boards

                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                                 Set of 12 boards
                              Doors   Centre-Line Grate

You must position yourself according to this layout, directly horizontally across from your target.

It might help to get the ones at the round end of the dock first, because you can accelerate from the flat end without much turning to get them. Then if you work from the round side towards the flat side, it's not too hard to locate the corona you've targeted in your radar screen.

It will take a lot of practice, but luckily a new bike spawns after you start the challenge so you can just get on that one to start over. Try to leave the abandoned bikes far enough away from the dry dock so that they don't get in the way. If you tap the exit bike button rapidly CJ will jump off without stopping. That way the bike goes away but you stay near the drydock.


Progress towards 100% Completion.