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iwhen you earn respect they say : you can start a 3 or 6 man gang! but how do you make a gang?

The Controls section will tell you which button does what and on what platform, this summary is for any platform.
Target a friendly gang member and hit the Follow Me button to make him follow you. Hit it when not targeting a gang member to make CJ call his gang to him if they get involved in a fight.
Target a friendly gang member and hit the Hold Position button to make him stay where he is. Target him and hold the button to dismiss him from the gang.
After the second addition to your gang, the "Gang Strength" bar appears on screen and will fill with a green segment for each new addition. If a gang member dies the bar decreases with a red segment.
And the more Respect you have, the bigger the gang you can lead.
Hope that helps! GarrettTalk 03:33, 29 Jun 2005 (UTC)