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Box artwork for Grand Theft Auto III.
Grand Theft Auto III
Developer(s)Rockstar North
Publisher(s)Rockstar Games
Year released2001
System(s)PlayStation 2, Windows, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5
Preceded byGrand Theft Auto 2
Followed byGrand Theft Auto: Vice City
SeriesGrand Theft Auto
ModesSingle player
Rating(s)ESRB Mature
Grand Theft Auto III: 10 Year Anniversary Edition
Developer(s)War Drum Studios
Publisher(s)Rockstar Games
Year released2011
System(s)iOS, Android, Fire OS
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Grand Theft Auto III is a non-linear driving and shooting game released by Rockstar North on October 22, 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and May 21, 2002 for Windows, as well as in the Grand Theft Auto Double Pack and Grand Theft Auto Triple Pack re-releases.

In more recent years, fan projects have resulted in a multiplayer component called Multi Theft Auto and a Grand Theft Auto: Vice City total conversion called GTA: Liberty City that adds the newer Vice City elements (such as bikes and helicopters, as well as improved controls) to GTA III.


The game takes place in October 2001. The nameless player character (later revealed in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas to be named "Claude") was betrayed by his girlfriend, Catalina, during a bank heist in Liberty City and arrested. However, Claude escaped when the police convoy he was in was attacked, allowing him to flee and rise in the ranks of the Liberty City underworld and seek revenge on Catalina.

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