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'Pump-Action Pimp' (02:10)
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'Drive Misty For Me' (Luigi)


Luigi's girls are being threatened by the Diablos, so he wants Claude to make an example of one of their pimps.


Along with these directions, Luigi tells you he's arranged for a gun over at Ammun-Nation. You don't need it to complete this mission, but it's free so you might as well!

Drive over to the gun icon and go behind the shop. Pick up the pistol from the firing range. If you've never used a gun before you might want to loose a few rounds in the targets there. When you're ready, get a sturdy vehicle and head for the marker indicating that Diablo Stallion you saw driving around.

This can only be done or only works in the GTA: Liberty City mod for Vice City. Genuine Shotgun
Due to an error in the mod this is the first time you can legally acquire this weapon, as police cars give you a chrome shotgun instead.

Ram their Stallion repeatedly until they bail. Then back up quickly, because the one has a shotgun that will make quick work of whatever vehicle you're driving.

You can either get out and shoot them or rev your engine and run them over. Using the baseball bat would be suicide, as two blasts from that shotgun will kill an unarmored Claude.

In order to avoid the shotgun blowing the vehicle up with you in it, you could try speeding towards them and then bailing out at the last minute. Hopefully the vehicle will hit at least one of them, and if you’re lucky it will be damaged enough to burst into flames upon contact with the Stallion. If it didn't blow up you can empty your pistol into whichever vehicle looks the most damaged. Its explosion will cause a chain reaction, hopefully killing any survivors.

Another way if you want to have some fun is wait until they get out of the car and then run away with them in hot pursuit. If you see a cluster of Mafia men, hide behind them. They'll shoot at you, miss, but hit a Mafia goon, so his surviving buddies will take the pimp down for you!

When the pimp is dead you might want to grab his shotgun, as at this point in the game the only source of shotgun ammo other than weapon spawns is to jack a police car. His buddy's uzi ammo will also be useful this early in the game.


$4000, pistol now onsale at Ammu-Nation.

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