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'Chaperone' (06:40)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Salvatore's Called A Meeting' (Toni)


Claude meets Maria, Salvatore Leone's girlfriend. He is asked to drive for Maria, so that Sal can have a private meeting with some of his boys. Sal lets you use his limo.


Drive the limo to the place indicated on the radar. Let it not take too much damage. Once the limo is parked on the marker, Maria will talk to the man waiting for her. Now you've got to drive to a ware house in Atlantic Quays. Once there Maria will ask you to wait in the limo.

When she enters the building, you'll notice that the police have arrived to raid the place. Now wait for Maria to come out and get back in. Make sure that she or the limo don't eat too much of lead. Now you should drive back to Salvatore's mansion while shaking off the police. Once back in the garage at the mansion, you're safe.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Cutting The Grass' (Salvatore)
'Triads And Tribulations' (Toni)

Note: Other bosses' missions are now available again (if you have not already completed them).