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'Paparazzi Purge' (Asuka)


The mission begins at Asuka's house on Staunton Island. Claude must deliver a payment to the Yakuza]]'s contact within the LCPD. Because of the contact's caution he insists on secrecy, so Claude must drive to several payphones in sequence, to listen to anonymous recorded messages telling him where to go next.


The mission has a time limit of 3:30, which begins as soon as the initial cutscene ends, and lasts until you pick up the fourth phone call, when the contact tells you where to meet him.

There isn't much in the way of strategy involved in this mission. A taxicab or police cruiser are recommended for their sheer versatility (i.e. strength, handling & speed) as the faster cars tend to fly out of control when navigating through the city streets, and heavier vehicles will be far too slow. One hint that will save a few seconds is to turn your vehicle around, facing back towards the street, before entering the blue corona that launches the mission.

Once you arrive at the meeting point, there is a final cut scene with the contact, Ray Machowski, who then offers additional missions.


Reward: $11,000

New Missions Available[edit]

'Silence The Sneak' (Ray)

'Two-Faced Tanner' (Asuka)