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Hidden Packages are white duct-taped drug packages seen floating around the city. They can be collected at any time. Each one found rewards the player $1,000 and new weapons will start to spawn at hideouts for every 10 packages. Finding every package also comes with a $1 million dollar payout.

Portland Hidden Packages map

Red Light District / Hepburn Heights / Chinatown[edit]

Package Description
1 End of the pier.
2 Jump from the el train tracks to the radio station roof.
3 Apartment building corner.
4 Lot near El Burro's payphone.
5 Trees near El Burro's payphone.
6 Climb the alley stairs to the roof across from Luigi's.
7 Climb the alley stairs to Luigi's roof.
8 Following #7, jump across a gap to the neighboring roof.
9 In the subway restroom below the street entrance.
10 Alley in Chinatown.
11 Alley in Chinatown.
12 Rooftop reachable from alley stairs.

Harwood / Saint Mark's / Portland Beach[edit]

Package Description
13 Inside Salvatore's house.
14 On the beach down below the house.
15 Roof of gas pumps reachable from above.
16 Inside the car showroom.
17 Corner of lot.
18 In ruined building.
19 Grassy alley between roof ramps.
20 Midway through the underground tunnel behind 8-Ball's shop.
21 In yard near pathway.
22 Inside the building.

Trenton / Harbor / Bridge[edit]

Package Description
23 Awning on the harbor, reached by jumping from a nearby warehouse roof with access stairs.
24 Roof of Supa Save store, reached by jumping from the el train tracks.
25 Roof of Trenton building, reached by jumping from the el train tracks.
26 Near Marty Chonks' phone in the dog food compound.
27 Lot in Trenton.
28 Alley in Trenton.
29 Walled-in grassy yard in Trenton.
30 Rooftop near skylights reached by a series of ramps.
31 End of the pier.
32 Behind the Triad factory (use a Triad Fish Van to open the gate).
33 On a rock at sea, only reachable using a boat.

Staunton Island Hidden Packages map

North Staunton[edit]

Package Description
34 On the pier.
35 In a doorway niche.
36 Corner of the large walled lot.
37 Rooftop above the walled lot.
38 Parking garage underneath the building.
39 Church backyard.
40 Alley in Bedford Point.
41 Pedestrian walkway above the road.
42 Center of the sculpture.
43 Roof of Kenji's casino.
44 2nd floor of building interior.
45 Rooftop accessible from ground-level door.
46 Underground parking lot.
47 Alley near the bridge.
48 Police station parking lot.
49 Police station parking lot.
50 Top of building entrance stairs.
51 On the dock.

South Staunton[edit]

Package Description
52 On the dock.
53 Under a bridge in the park.
54 Under the lift bridge on-ramp.
55 Basketball court.
56 Alley in Aspatria.
57 Rooftop reachable from the bridge on-ramp.
58 Colombian compound (accessible when driving a Cartel Cruiser).
59 Stadium entrance.
60 Behind a stadium billboard.
61 Near the campus.
62 Awning of the hospital reachable from the planter.
63 Near the pier.
64 2nd story of the car park.
65 In an open garage.
66 Corner of the construction site.
67 2nd floor of the construction site.
68 Girder of the bridge structure.
69 Ride the lift bridge to the top and jump on the median to reach.

Shoreside Vale Hidden Packages map

Francis International Airport[edit]

Package Description
70 Lower platform off the runway.
71 Helipad.
72 Under the plane.
73 Under the plane wing.
74 Far end of the runway.
75 Corner of the storage lot.
76 Fire department near the airport.
77 Tunnel underground.
78 Behind the airport billboards.
79 Under the wooden bridge jump.

Pike Creek / Cochrane Dam[edit]

80 Alongside building.
81 Awning accessed by jumping from the neighboring roof.
82 Hospital lot.
83 Hospital lot.
84 Roof of one row of garages.
85 Alongside building.
86 Fenced-in lot with ramp accessible from upper ramp.
87 Rock below the dam.
88 Dam helipad featured in final mission.
89 Observation deck on dam.
90 Observation deck on dam.
91 Raised doorway on dam face.

Cedar Grove / Wichita Gardens[edit]

92 Backyard of house.
93 Backyard doorway of house.
94 Front yard doorway of house.
95 Swimming pool behind Cartel mansion (drive a Cartel Cruiser to access).
96 Park below Cedar Grove.
97 Underneath the winding road overhang.
98 Next to TOYZ RC Van.
99 Doorway of apartment building.
100 Between apartment buildings.


As you collect packages, the following weapons appear at your hideout:

  • 10 packages found: Pistol
  • 20 packages found: Uzi
  • 30 packages found: Grenades
  • 40 packages found: Shotgun
  • 50 packages found: Body Armor
  • 60 packages found: Molotov Cocktails
  • 70 packages found: AK-47
  • 80 packages found: Sniper Rifle
  • 90 packages found: M16
  • 100 packages found: Rocket Launcher