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Asuka Kasen Espresso-2-Go!


A planeload of SPANK is on its way to Francis International Airport. Make sure it doesn't reach the end of the runway in one piece.


Get a fast car and race to the dock. Pick up the rocket launcher and get in the boat. Head towards the marker buoy. When you get closer you will see a ramp to the left of the runway. Run the boat aground on that and then run up the ramp, killing the Colombians as you go. Try not to damage the Cartel Cruiser, you need it for later. Also try to pick off the Cartel men from afar, one of them sometimes tries to get in the Cruiser and invariably ends up driving it into the sea.

When they are taken care of, stand on the white line of the runway. You should try to stand with the Cruiser and the corner of the ramp directly to your right. Then take aim and wait. The moment the plane comes into view, shell it. If you timed it right the plane will crash-land on the runway, allowing you to easily collect the packages. You can also shoot the plane down from the boat, but this is a tougher shot to time correctly. Once you have the packages you will have four stars.

Option 1: By Land The simplest option would be to take the Cruiser and ram your way through the opposition, but you might not make it back to the construction site in one piece. In order to ensure you do, take the Porter Tunnel underground. Almost no police will spawn inside the tunnel, allowing you to safely surface quite close to the construction site.

Option 2: By Air You can also drive the Cruiser over and grab one of the Dodo planes, but only do this if you're sure you can fly it without landing in the ocean. Once in the air no-one can attack you, so you can safely fly back to Staunton and crash-land in the construction site. Note that the enemies can end your attempt early by ramming you off the runway before takeoff.

Option 3: By Sea You could also choose to take the boat to the right of where you ditched yours. There's a lone Cartel with an AK guarding it, so take him out first. The only problem with taking the boat is that when you get out you'll have to leg it on foot to the construction site and the cops will be waiting for you.



New Missions Available[edit]

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