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'Arms Shortage' (04:07)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Silence The Sneak' (Ray)


An old chum of Ray's runs an arms shop and the Cartel are threatening to steal his stock. He needs help, but Ray conveniently develops a bowel complaint so sends you instead.


As soon as you regain character control, grab the Barracks OL to your immediate left and jam it in the gateway. This vehicle is bulletproof (see above if you want to keep it) so the Cartel won't be able to blow it up.

They will park their Crushers in the yard on the other side and start vainly shelling the Barracks. So simply throw a few grenades or molotovs over. If you end up catching the Barracks on fire its explosion will also help kill them.

If you want a Bulletproof Barracks OL this is your only chance to get it. See the Vehicles page for more.

Once they're all dead you'll be told to check on Phil, but don't do that yet. First run and grab those weapons he offered you. After talking to him you'll have to pay for them, so you might as well get the free ammo while you can.


$10,000, Phil's Army Surplus opens for business

New Missions Available[edit]

'Evidence Dash' (Ray)