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'Cutting The Grass' (04:33)
Watch a short video walkthrough of this mission.


'Chaperone' (Salvatore Leone)


Salvatore thinks that a guy working at Luigi's club is a rat. Mafia's secret plans to curb the Columbians are always in vain as the Cartel seem to be knowing the Mafia's every step. So Curly Bob is to be followed to clear all doubts.


Get to the Club as soon as possible, as Curly Bob won't be there forever. Park you vehicle near the pavement, facing Chinatown. Soon Curly Bob will get into his taxi and will go to the harbour. Follow him, but not too close or he'll get spooked. Alternatively, you can jack his taxi before he gets in, or park another taxi that is closer to the club than the one waiting. Once Bob is in your taxi, you'll be instructed to drive him to the harbour. Once at the harbour, you'll find that he's been passing Mafia secrets to your slimy ex-girlfriend. Once he's finished talking, you've seen enough. Run him over with your vehicle. Make quick work out of it, he's got a shotgun.



New Missions Available[edit]

'Bomb Da Base' (Salvatore Leone)